My first authentic lacquerware

Lacquer tiered box (Jubako)

When I remember the first time I felt lacquer and lacquerware close to me, I think it was when I took the plunge and bought a multi-tiered box for New Year's dishes.

My mother at home loves to cook, and she always makes osechi dishes by hand. I felt that it was not worth the time and effort of cooking, so I decided to prepare a proper container at least.

I saw it in a magazine, and at a lacquerware shop in Aoyama I visited, I came across a dish that I really liked. It was made by a certain lacquerware artist, using a technique called “nunome-nuri” to leave the texture. , I liked that there was a moderate accent. Is it a feeling that it is individual but does not claim too much? Even when the busy New Year dishes are settled down, it looks calm and dignified. It was the first lacquerware that I really liked.

I still cherish it and continue to use it every New Year. This was the first lacquerware I bought for myself, and it was quite expensive even at the time, so it took a lot of courage for me in my twenties to make a purchase.

I think that the splendor of lacquerware is proved by the fact that even after 30 years, this jubako is still shiny without getting old. It is an important item that I hope my son's family will inherit someday.

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