The schedule of Kintsugi lessons in English for May is set!!!

We introduce Traditional Kintsugi, its philosophy, the process of finishing, materials and tools, and you will experience some of the processes.
The location is around Minato-ku and the lesson is for a group of at least 2 and up to 6 people. We have 3 plans as bellow.

A. Experience of some of the processes (1 day lesson)
1.5 hours 26,400 yen / 2 persons

B . Experience of sprinkling genuine gold powder and taking home a vessel( 1 day lesson)
2 hours 35,200 yen / 2 persons

C. Regular lesson with your broken ceramics. 4-6 lessons are required to complete your kintsugi.
2 hours 22,000yen / 1 lesson with 2 persons. 19,800yen/1 lesson / person (private lesson )

In May we have 1 day experience as bellows;

May 20th (MON) 13:30-15:30 Plan B    

May 24th ( FRI ) 13:30- 15:00  Plan A 

May 30th (THU) 13:30-15:30 Plan B

Individual dates can be set up for groups of two or more, please inquire. Please let us know if you would like to make arrangements for one person as well, although the price will be a little higher.

Click bellow button to register. After we will coordinate your lesson, we will send you a payment form.

Please contact us for more details.

We will start a Traditional Kintsugi Experience in English! ( Finished!! )

Kintsugi Experience" to learn about Japanese traditional technique - Tea time with matcha green tea and Japanese sweets, with souvenirs. Why not enjoy Japanese traditional " Kintsugi "in Tokyo?

Kintsugi (Golden Joinery) is the traditional restoration technique of using lacquer and gold to repair broken or chipped ceramics.
It’s a unique Japanese way of seeing the beauty in things considered imperfect. This "beauty of imperfection," does not hide the damage, but rather breathes new life into it by decorating it with gold or silver, creating a sustainable cycle of taking good care of things. Mending can provide a sense of spiritual healing and is often referred to as art therapy.

Since the restoration process uses natural products such as lacquer, wood powder, and gold powder, it is safe to use on tableware. In this workshop, we will introduce the history and philosophy behind the
process, and demonstrate each step of the process, using actual tools and materials.

Participants will experience the most moving moment of kintsugi by sprinkling pure gold powder and taking home the finished old Japanese vessel.Additionally we will provide a relaxing tea time with beautiful Japanese sweets and matcha green tea. Please enjoy a moment of relaxation while experiencing Japanese traditions.

■Date and Time
Monday, February 19, 2024, 14:00-16:00

Kimchi,Durian,Cardamom,,, (JR Shin-Okubo Station Bldg. 3F)
1-10-15, Hyakunincho, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo

■ Contents 
1. Introduction of Kintsugi history, philosophy, techniques, tools and materials 
2. introduction of each step of the kintsugi process (demonstration)
3. experience of sprinkling gold powder for the finishing touch
4. tea time with beautiful Japanese sweets and green tea   
5. vessels you kintsugi’d and Japanese tea as a souvenir
6. sales of kintsugi kits

■Participation Fee
Please pay by credit card at the time of registration.

① Special tickets for JR East HOTELS guests 23,100 yen (including tax)
(Includes the experienced vessels and souvenirs.)

② General Admission Tickets: 26,400 yen (tax included)
(Including the experienced vessel and souvenirs)

Started!! Pre-order sales for the knok-down box for lacquer "URUSHI MURO BOX KD" (The Registration has ended )

Although it is made of paulownia wood, unpainted, and has a dokko style door, it is assembled with stainless screws, so it can be breaking down and stored when not in use and also can be carried. We started thinking about making products because I didn't have what I wanted, and only simple items and custom-made items were sold. We thought that many people are looking for it. Why don't you take this opportunity to upgrade from the temporary cardboard and wooden boxes?

Developing with furniture designers for those who are making kintsugi, lacquerware, and maki-e work, run workshops and classes with a small number of people, and hold workshops in multiple locations or overseas. After comparing the humidity control of the finished product and the assembly type for about a year, we decided to use the assembly type after obtaining almost the same feeling of use. It can be assembled with only a hexagonal wrench and is made in a reliable factory in Japan. If it fits under your desk, I would like to recommend it to those who are looking for something that does not feel out of place as a corner of the workspace or as an interior decoration in the living room.

Due to the small volume of production, we will only sell by reservation for the time being. *All photos are samples with a height of 700mm, so please refer to the finished drawings for a height of 600mm.

URUSHI MURO BOX KD (H600mm )Finished drawing

Outside(Photo is H700mm)
Inside(Photo is H700mm)
dokko style door

Upper part
Middle part
Lower part
Stored in a suitcase large (85L) (Remore)
after breaking down

Stainless screws

■Price    ¥65,000  (Tax and Packing&Shipping fee for outside japan are not included)  

■Reservation  25/Jan 〜28/Feb 2023

■Delivery   Early April 〜

■Size    W450 x D400 x H600mm  

■Material    Main body: paulownia wood, shelf board/pass bar/pine wood, screw/stainless steel

          Knob/steel black coating All wood parts are unpainted

■Accessories  9 shelves, 6 transfer rods, 12 screws, 1 hex wrench

■Manufacturing  Made in Japan

■Payment. Reservation will be completed after paying reservation deposit ¥20,000.

Please pay the balance before shipping

■Cancellation Possible before shipping (there is no refund of the application fee)

■Application  Please fill in the address, name, email address, Phone number. from the inquiry form and send it.  We will contact you with the details.

*Notes and precaution for use. Please read before purchasing!!

*Natural wood is used, there are some differences in wood grain and color. *Natural and unpainted wood is used, some warping, crack, or stain may occur due to moisture and humidity. *If you wet one side and dismantle it immediately, it may warp. It is recommended to wet both sides evenly before dismantling in extremely dry conditions. *If the board is warped, wet the non-warped side before assembling. If you forcefully assemble it while it is warped, it may crack. *Please note that the support rod is removable and not fixed. *It may not be possible to store all items depending on the partitions and structure of the suitcase. *There is no scientific data for humidity control of finished products and assembled types. *It is recommended to assemble and use except when moving *Please refrain from using or storing it for a long time in a place where it is exposed to direct sunlight or wind from an air conditioner.